In close collaboration with our project partners Vossloh Kiepe AG, Düsseldorf and Hess AG, Bellach, Switzerland, we developed the drive unit G 175 DMPME for a low-platform articulated bus.

The special requirements on our unit were dictated by the use of the vehicle as a dual bus.

The customer, a Swiss public-transport operator, required a high electrical power of 175 kW (second power source) for which only very limited space was available. Naturally, all the other specifications of the customer (e.g. adaptation of the unit to the characteristic fields of the dual bus and control and monitoring via CAN-Bus) also had to be fulfilled.

The solution we developed was a multi-level construction of power unit and cooling system which met all the requirements for integration in the vehicle.
The development of a system for transverse installation at the rear of the vehicle was made possible only by the short design of our PME alternator and the optimisation of the cooling system for engine, charge-cooling air and alternator.


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