The value of good maintenance is shown in day-to-day practice. We keep detailed records of the regular maintenance and servicing required by standards and regulations. (In the case of CHP*-systems, this also includes oil analyses.) In this way, your generating set acquires its own on-going history. (*combined heat and power)

In this way, we also detect potential problems and take systematic steps to prevent them. Your power supply is professionally secured, because prevention is always better than cure.

If you wish, we can carry out the statutory monthly trial run for mains failure plants on your behalf to make sure the electricity you need is available if an emergency occurs.

Our service engineers are the guarantors of this high standard. They are highly qualified specialists with years of experience in the fields of power-supply, control and engine technology, and continue to receive regular training from us. Maintenance and service from one source. And because quality is seen in the details, we don't just supply the materials needed (from oil to fuel filter), we also dispose of them competently.