Standby Power Units and UPS

UPS units coupled with mains failure plants for feeding battery blocks are the most intelligent and economical means of providing an uninterruptible supply of power. We always recommend this type of system in safety-critical applications such as powering life-support machines, safety technology, computer centres etc.The UPS unit is supplied continuously with emergency power by the mains failure plant and can therefore remain in operation much longer without interruption.It is important that the components of the system are well coordinated with one another to avoid harmful knock-on effects. For this reason we supply both components, perfectly adapted to one another from one single source. The safest solution!Below, we explain why you should decide on this combination, as well as the types, powers ranges and technical data on which it is based.We have listed the most important facts and data for installing the system in a container.


Why this is the perfect system for your data centre:

  1. It is completely independent of the public mains supply
  2. It ensures uninterrupted operation in case of mains failure no constructional alterations or costly installation work necessary
  3. It maintains power supply over any period due to its variable tank capacity
  4. It is flexible and economical the location can be changed or capacity enlarged by modular UPS units
  5. The power-supply system is well protected against lightning
  6. It comprises integrated power management and network-server shut down
  7. The costs for maintenance and service are low
  8. It has an optional 7 x 24 h remote-monitoring system



All containers are equipped with:

  1. separate UPS and SPU compartments
  2. UPS unit: 10 - 480 kW
  3. mains failure plant: 40 - 2050 kVA
  4. complete noise insulation 65 db (A) 7m
  5. high-performance silencers
  6. bird and weather-protection grids
  7. 24-hours tank for one day's supply (depending on capacity)
  8. oil pan for catching tank content
  9. leak-alarm device
  10. tank-level monitoring
  11. handpump for re-filling
  12. heating and ventilation in MFP area
  13. venting and air-conditioning in UPS area
  14. power-management software
  15. network linking for remote monitoring
  16. lighting, power sockets for installation room
  17. fire extinguisher, hand lamp
  18. sabotage-proof cable connection
  19. vandalism protection


  • UPS types

20 to 240 kW UPS power with E-TEC UPS


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